SYSTEA introduces a new flexible L-shaped wall bracket solution

Salt Lake City, February 22nd 2021: Façade designers know that a rainscreen façade provides energy efficient performance through continuous insulation and thermal bridge reduction, and contractors are increasingly being asked to install a ventilated façade system because of its durability and ability to regulate the moisture content of the exterior wall. Therefore, there are good reasons to choose a ventilated facade system. Finally, when it comes to implementation, the new SYSTEA aluminum L-shaped Flex brackets offer all the benefits of aluminum technology plus error-free installation.

Flexibility and peace of mind

Especially in renovation projects, the new Flex brackets offer unbeatable advantages, because the buildings are mostly framed with steel studs. However, many existing buildings often have a concrete section (storage or utility room) as well as an extension built with wood studs (garage or an office). Since the wall brackets always have to be selected according to the respective anchoring base, wall brackets with different hole-patterns must be used here. With the new SYSTEA aluminum Flex bracket, the same wall bracket can be used, regardless of the type of substrate, because the new Flex bracket has one hole-pattern for all substrates. The advantages are clear: fewer components need to be stocked and confusion when ordering or using the wall brackets is eliminated.

The benefits of an aluminum solution
Rainscreen façades are designed to optimize water ingress and moisture content within the components of the system. SYSTEA uses for the Flex brackets as well as for the all subframe systems high quality aluminum alloys, non-corrosive materials that improve the overall durability of the façade system. In addition, the new aluminum Flex-bracket is very adaptable and allows the levelling of irregular surfaces, ensuring precise alignment of the cladding elements for particularly good aesthetics. Aluminum is lighter, more flexible, and easier to drill, cut and punch than steel materials. It’s is also stronger and ideal for deeper extrusions therefore, enabling higher levels of insulation in line with new thermal efficiency requirements such as ASHRAE 90.1.

The new aluminum flex bracket from SYSTEA gets the job done today and helps solve the challenges of the future!