Subframe solutions without compromises

The SYSTEA systems advantages at a glance.

SYSTEA substructure systems for façade cladding provide secure support for even the most demanding panel materials. Whether solutions for concealed or visible fastening, with established standard systems or customized project solutions, SYSTEA offers high-quality systems to best implement even the most unusual façade designs.

Allow highest energy efficiency up to passive house standard
Low conductivity stainless steel wall brackets with thermal separators enable thermal bridge-free constructions that meet the highest requirements for energy-efficient facades, up to the passive house standard.
Most sophisticated facade designs possible
Our systems offer unlimited design freedom to architects and planners. Especially for unusual facade designs, our engineers develop individual customer solutions upon request.
Meet the highest static requirements
Thanks to a wide range of different wall brackets, rails and corresponding connecting elements, our facade systems can be perfectly adapted to the respective conditions on the building. This results in a large number of possible subframe variants that meet the most diverse requirements.
Highly cost-efficient systems
Perfectly matched components and precision-fit processing ensure fast and safe assembly of the facade subframe systems. The particularly long service life of the systems makes a further important contribution to the cost-effectiveness of your facade project.
Dimensional accuracy of all components
High-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum help prevent damage from material expansion.
Corrosion resistant and particularly durable
Aluminum and stainless steel are corrosion free and particularly durable. Fire safe material are also essential as the cavity create and air gap potentially allowing fire to spread. It is critical to use fire safe materials such as aluminum or stainless steel not only to conform to building codes but also to stay on the safe side.
Non-combustible material
SYSTEA rainscreen subframe systems are made from aluminium and stainless steel brackets, rails and girts which are defined as Class A Rating according ASTM E84 and Euroclass A1 “non-combustible”.
Fixed and sliding points provide secure hold
The fixed point transfers dead and wind loads into the load-bearing wall. The connection between the wall bracket and the profile is therefore designed to be non-displaceable in round holes. The connection between the sliding point and the rail, on the other hand, is made as a sliding connection in slotted holes. This means that the profile is not hindered in its length change – no constraints are created.
Sturdy lightweight high quality aluminum
Its low weight and high strength ratio combined with ease of fabrication either on site or within a manufacturing setting ensures it is an ideal material with which to create high performance rain screen subframe systems for any cladding application.