Installation Manual

In this section, SYSTEA provides you with instructions and information in written and visual form, compliance with which is essential for error-free use of SYSTEA systems and components. All this information together constitutes the SYSTEA Installation Manual.

When using SYSTEA substructure systems and components, the national and local regulations and standards must always be observed. Where no such regulations exist, the minimum requirements listed in chapter 4 of the IFD Facade Guideline must be must be met.


This Installation Manual is to be used only in conjunction with the SYSTEA system drawings and details provided by SYSTEA. The shop drawings provided by the architect/planner/engineer responsible for the project always take priority over any similar information in these instructions.

The purpose of this Installation Manual is to provide the professional user with information and guidelines for error-free installation of the systems and components. SYSTEA generally assures the correctness of the information given here. However, errors cannot be excluded. In addition, this installation guide may not cover all circumstances, building conditions and/or details of the specific project. Consult a SYSTEA technical advisor if this installation manual does not cover all conditions or if you have further questions.

It is the sole responsibility of the architect/designer/engineer and the installer to ensure that the building has the required air and moisture tightness by proper design and construction and in full accordance with the approved drawings.

SYSTEA recommends that the user of the systems and components familiarize himself fully with this Installation Manual before starting work. This Installation Manual is updated by SYSTEA as required and is available in its currently valid version at Changes may be made by SYSTEA at any time without prior notice.

It is the sole responsibility of the architect/planner/engineer or fabricator to always use the most current version of the installation instructions.

Always follow the architect’s/planner’s/engineer’s approved shop drawings and engineering calculations for the project specific façade subframe.

The architect/planner/engineer in charge is responsible for determining and verifying applicable design loads and fastening requirements. All required safety measures in the use of SYSTEA systems and components are the responsibility of the installer, general contractor or construction manager and are mandatory to comply with.